Product Testing and Certification

Automotive Testing

Automotive Testing for Tomorrow

SIQ Ljubljana is a trusted and independent third-party institute, providing complete testing, assessment, certification, and inspection services. We enable our partners to gain trust, receive tailored services, and global market acceptance of their products. Our experienced staff can test your product at any stage of development, from the early design phase to the final product.

We ensure that products and services meet the highest quality standards.

Product Safety and Excellence

SIQ is an important partner for the entire automotive and e-mobility industries. We work closely with our clients to ensure that testing and certification is carried out within the fastest possible timeframe. For more than 50 years, we have cooperated with organizations in their attempts to enter markets, increase productivity, improve quality and achieve excellence.

  • Fast response to client demands (testing, reporting)
  • Professional evaluation of tests with skilled test engineers
  • Accredited testing methods according to ISO 17025
  • Flexibility

Complete Solutions for Global Reach

The synergy of knowledge is materialized in comprehensive solutions, optimally adapted to the needs of an individual organization.

EMC Technical Services

We are professional, accurate, and responsive in meeting your requirements for electromagnetic compatibility testing and certification. Our measurements, test reports, and certificates assure EMC compatibility of your product in all important markets. We provide our professional assistance at the earliest stages of development, when we can perform partial, critical tests on individual devices.

Radio disturbance characteristics and immunity
Product monitoring during tests

Environmental Simulations

The use of new technologies and increasing requirements for the reliability of products are the cause of the increasing need for environmental impact testing. Our laboratory for environmental impact testing is adequately equipped to carry out various tests.

Accredited methods according to the EN 60068 series:

Cyber Security and Functional Safety

Our team of experienced professionals in the field of information security performs comprehensive information system security assessments that are tailored to your needs.

  • IEC 62443
  • Industrial IoT / SCADA
  • GDPR
  • Application security assessment
  • Information technology audit
  • Safety software assessment
  • IEC 61508 verification and validation
Metal Testing
Battery Testing, BMS and Chargers

We test.

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