Product Testing and Certification

CE Marking

The CE on the product tells the market surveillance authorities and end-users that the product meets the essential requirements of the relevant EU directives. The CE marking is also visible proof that the manufacturer assumes liability for the conformity of the product.

After completing the conformity assessment procedure and preparing technical documentation as a proof of conformity of the product, the manufacturer or their authorised representative established within the European Union is required to write an EC Declaration of Conformity. In certain cases (high-level safety risk products), the conformity assessment procedure (EC type test) must be performed by a third, independent party (notified body). The EC Declaration of Conformity is the last step the manufacturer or their authorised representative must take before the product obtains the CE marking and is placed on the market.

SIQ is a Notified Body with ID number 1304 for the following EU directives:
We carry out conformity assessments for the following:

SIQ Attestation of Conformity

The SIQ Attestation of Conformity (for CE marking) is a document proving that the conformity assessment procedure has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of the relevant New Approach directives. It allows the manufacturer to mark their product with the CE marking.

The procedure for granting the Attestation of Conformity includes:

  • Review and approval of test reports issued by accredited laboratories;
  • Review of product technical documentation;
  • Review of the EC Declaration of Conformity ready for signing.

CE marking services:

  • Conformity assessment according to the requirements of various European directives and carrying out the tasks of Notified Body no. 1304;
  • Issuance of an SIQ Attestation of Conformity (for CE marking);
  • Review of product technical documentation;
  • Review of product risk assessments.