Verifying Reports on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

One of the three greenhouse gas reduction mechanisms foreseen in the Kyoto Protocol is the establishment of an emissions trading scheme. The European Union launched emission trading on January 1, 2005. Thousands of (very heavy) high energy companies are involved in it.

The emissions trading scheme is based on a greenhouse gas emission report of the operator of the installation. The report is verified by an accredited verifier. The operator of the installation submits a verified greenhouse gas emission report to the competent ministry by March 31 each year, thereby obtaining the right to trade allowances.

Greenhouse gas emission report verification procedure: Information to the operator on the procedure; Gathering basic information and data about the installation; Development of a verification plan (strategic analysis, risk analysis); Implementation of the verification plan and preparation of a verification report (physical inspection of the device, acquisition of data); Preparation of a verification report and written opinion; Submission of a verification report and written opinion and entry of information in the international register.

SIQ is an accredited verifier of greenhouse gas emission reports (accreditation document P-002).