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Business Continuity Management Systems


The ability of an organization to continue operating during a disruption has never been more important, especially for organizations that play a significant role in the society. Among those organizations we can find organizations from the energy and public sectors, banks, transport companies, providers of information technologies and telecommunications, providers of medical services etc. Business continuity is also important for production companies that could, in case of an accident, cause harm to the environment. Those are refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Generally speaking, the business continuity management system is of interest to any organization that sees timely delivery, availability of goods and services, and customers’ satisfaction as an important factor of success.

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The business continuity management system covers both the protection from and response to disruptions, due to which its establishment can no longer be left to chance. Business continuity planning and management is a developed business field with its goals, procedures, plans, recommendations, standards, audits, testing and maintenance. Already developed systems need to be managed and further developed in line with the needs and profession.

The ISO 22301 international standard is a standard for implementation and certification of a business continuity management system. It is dedicated to the protection of organizations form disruptions, their proactive preparation to such disruptions, responses to them and early recovery.

The business continuity management system can be integrated with other management systems, such as ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 27001 information security management system.