Management System Assessment

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Certification Procedure

The organization that has established a management system in line with the requirements of at least one management system standard can apply for certification. SIQ is competent to certify different management systems, either separate management systems or integrated management systems in various combinations. You are invited to read more about the certification procedure in our umbrella document Rules For Management System Certification.

Correct use of the SIQ certification mark.

The process certification and maintenance of the certificate

The process certification and maintenance of the certificate and activities of participants in the process described in the following figure.


Establishment Of Managemental Systems

First step to get the certificate is establishment of managemental systems in order with international standard or other reference document.
SIQ Seminars may help you with that. There you will be able to get necessary knowledge and professional support for implementation of requirements for your managemental system.

SIQ Seminars