Slovenia is a part of a wide European neighbourhood where there is also comparability and competitiveness in the field of education.
Demands and expectations of all users are increasing and with them the complexity of the work in the field of preschool education, primary, secondary and higher education and adult learning.

The quality of educational services is becoming an increasingly important value. Systematic approaches to developing educational activities and processes lead to greater satisfaction of all participants in educational processes.

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Why choose SIQ?

Complete solutions

Wide range of services in the fields of product testing and certification, management systems assessment, metrology, and training.


Our key competitive advantage is the knowledge and experiences of our experts, international recognition and credibility, flexibility, complete solutions, ever new services and ability to adapt to the market.


SIQ ensures its impartiality by not providing consultancy concerning the establishment and/or maintenance of compliance with standards. Integrity, independence and impartiality are our values.

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