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We organize the following seminars:

  • Measurement uncertainty of physical quantities: The measurement result in calibration or test laboratory is incomplete if measurement uncertainty is not specified therefore a procedure to estimate the measurement uncertainty of the calibration must be established and used in the laboratory. Measurement uncertainty is a parameter that is related to the measurement result and indicates the scattering of the values ​​that can be attributed to the measured quantity. The expressed measurement uncertainty thus provides the credibility of the result in any field. At the seminar, we will present the procedure for measurement uncertainty estimation and the possibilities of utilizing the measurement uncertainty estimation in real scenario calibrations and tests related to physical quantities. In this way, we will emphasis the importance of ensuring the credibility of measurement results. After theory presentation, we will discuss and analyze the selected case study, which will support your further independent calculation or determination the measurement uncertainty of physical quantity.
  • Management of measuring equipment: With the development of science and technology, there is also a growing need for the use of objective measuring techniques and reliable monitoring and measuring devices which ensure required accuracy with recognizable measurement traceability. Meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards promotes more rational and efficient management within the organization by establishing appropriate processes for the efficient management of monitoring and measuring devices. Ensuring the traceability of measurements is essential in laboratories organized in accordance with the requirements of the ISO / IEC 17025 standard.
  • Organization of educational seminars according to the customers’ requirements related to metrology and calibrations: Distribution of specific metrology knowledge as well as broader knowledge related to measurement technology, laboratory work and metrology is one of the key tasks of National Metrology Institute. Please send your inquiry to e-mail address if you need the seminar related to any specific topic. According to your needs and expectations, we will be glad to provide you with an offer. Our references:
    • advising and assisting in setting up an atomic clock at Montenegrin Bureau of Metrology (MBM)
    • training related to current, voltage and power measurement at low frequencies and measurement in RF&MW frequency range at Montenegrin Bureau of Metrology (MBM)
    • training related to current, voltage and power measurement at low frequencies at Bulgarian Institute of Metrology (BIM)
    • theory and calibration of RF current probe and absorbing clamp for Daiking Industries LTD, Thailand