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European project under EMRP and EMPIR programs

SIQ proudly participate within the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) and European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR). They are the largest research and development initiative in the field of metrology in Europe, joining capacities of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) for advanced research projects funded by the European Commission and the participating countries.

We collaborated in several European research projects covering different topics:

  • We were the first laboratory in Slovenia to receive funds for participating in the research project ERA-NET plus within the first phase of this programme. That was the first project of that kind, funded 1/3 by the EU and 2/3 by the participating countries.
  • Metrology for Energy Harvesting (EMRP call, 2010-2013): The project was dealing with (i) development of new facilities, reduced uncertainties and new reference materials for assessment of thermo-electrical converters, (ii) new facilities to assess the properties and performance of vibrational energy harvesters such as piezoelectric converters, (iii) unique facilities for efficiency measurement of electro-mechanical conversion and models for efficiency predictions in technologies of commercial interest, (iv) measurement of electrical quantities in energy harvesting devices, and (v) novel approaches to assess microscale and nanoscale energy harvesting devices. Partners: PTB, NPL, LNE, VTT, INRiM, CMI, SIQ
  • Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids (EMRP call, SmartGrid, ENG04, 2010-2013): We participated in the development of (i) precision current transducers and (ii) numerical method for power measurement based on sampling. Our role in the development of the numerical method for power measurement based on sampling was especially important therefore we had been assigned a leading role. Partners: NPL, PTB, SP, VSL, LNE, INRiM, CEM, CMI, EIM, INM-RO, LCOE, METAS, VTT, SMD, SMU, TRESCA, UME, SIQ
  • A quantum standard for sampled electrical measurements (EMRP call, Q-Wave, 2013-2016): This project developed a measurement system based on the Josephson effect for the dynamic calibration of the latest generation of analogue-to-digital convertors, according to the IEC and IEEE standards. The activities of the project also improved digital signal processing techniques, evaluated the contribution to measurement uncertainty, and thus provided direct and traceable measurements. Partners: CEM, CMI, INRIM, JV, METAS, MIKES, NPL, PTB, RISE, UME, VSL, SIQ
  • Improved EMC test methods in industrial environments (EMRP call, IND60, 2013-2016): This project improved the existing EMC related test methods, developed new methods, and produced reference devices to verify the tests, linked them to the standards and compared measurements from different sources. Partners: CMI, INTA, LNE, METAS, RISE, UME, VSL, SIQ
  • Measurement tools for Smart Grid stability and quality (EMRP call, SmartGridII, 2014-2017): The project covered several tasks related to smart grids, power quality PQ and phasor measurements units PMUs: (i) PQ propagation, (ii) PQ disturbance and fault location, (iii) network impedance and system resonances, (iv) PMUs in distribution networks, (v) dynamic calibration of PMUs, (vi) on-site calibration of PMUs, (vii) PMU/PQ transducer characterisation, (viii) digitised waveform corrections, and (ix) standardisation. Our role in this project was development of different algorithms for the PMUs and assessment their accuracy in prediction of fundamental grid signal when different disturbances are present. Partners: CMI, EIM, IMBiH, INM-RO, INRIM, LNE, METAS, VTT MIKES, NPL, RISE, SMU, TRESCAL, VSL, SIQ
  • Towards the propagation of AC quantum voltage standards (EMPIR call, ACQ-PRO, 2015‑2018): This project provided access to AC quantum voltage references to European NMIs and Designated Institutes which have currently limited access to such facilities. The increased number of institutes using AC quantum voltage standards facilitated the diversification of research and development of specific industrial applications across a wide range of electrical metrology. The project also contributed to improvement of calibration capabilities since AC quantum voltage standards affect around 70 % of NMIs’ calibration activities. Partners: BEV, CEM, CMI, FER-PEL, GUM, INRIM, IPQ, JV, NPL, PTB, UME, SIQ
  • Development of RF and microwave metrology capability (EMPIR call, RF&MW, 2016-2019): This project increased the microwave measurement capabilities and expertise of emerging EURAMET countries, provided a foundation for effective cooperation on emerging technical challenges in this rapidly evolving field. This was achieved by transferring theoretical and practical know-how between partners and combining skills to improve the reliability and precision of RF and microwave metrology. The developed capabilities provided essential tools for European industry to ensure product quality, create end user confidence and accelerate innovation. Partners: CMI, GUM, INTA, METAS, RISE, UME, SIQ
  • Traceability routes for electrical power quality measurements (EMPIR call, TracePQM, 2016‑2019): This project developed a new, open system for sampled power and power quality measurements, accessible across Europe, which reduced the burden of parallel development of similar capabilities. Successful implementation of this system paved the way for increased adoption of renewable energy across Europe. The project consisted of five tasks: (i) hardware and (ii) software structure, (iii) publication of good practice guides and user manuals for the developed system, (iv) strategy for power quality measurements for each partner, and (v) knowledge transfer. Partners: BIM, CEM, CMI, FER-PEL, IMBiH, INRIM, JV, LNE, METROSERT, NSAI NML, RISE, UME, SIQ
  • Metrology for digital substation instrumentation (EMPIR call, 21NRM02, 2022-2025): Nowadays, digital substation solutions according to IEC 61850 and IEC 61869 are increasingly replacing analogue instrumentation. To support the electrical power industry, this project will provide the currently missing solutions for the calibration and timing of new types of digital substation instrumentation, g., sampled value (SV) enabled equipment such as stand-alone merging units, digital instrument transformers and instrument transformer measuring bridges. The objectives of the project are (i) to develop and calibrate reference systems (hardware) for calibration of SV enabled equipment, covering the new requirements of recently released standards, (ii) to develop software for controlling the setups and handling of SV data streams and to develop new data processing and uncertainty estimation approaches, (iii) to develop communication and timing networks by creating ethernet networks that will transmit SV data and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) based timing between commercial devices, to establish traceable link between PTP timing and 1 Pulse-Per-Second reference pulse, (iv) to provide the data, methods, guidelines and recommendations to IEC TC 38, and (v) to contribute to the standards development work of the technical committee IEC TC 38 (i.e., Instrument Transformers). Partners: VTT, CMI, GUM, JV, Metrosert, RISE, SIQ, VSL, CIRCE, LeftRight, L ITR, OMICRON, Statnett

Under these projects we collaborate with several recognized National Metrology Institutes, Designated Institutes, universities, and industries working on metrology issues:

  • Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen BEV, Austria
  • Bulgarian Institute of Metrology BIM, Bulgaria
  • Centro Español de Metrología CEM, Spain
  • Fundación Circe Centro de investigación de recursos y consumos energéticos CIRCE, Spain
  • Czech Metrology Institute CMI, Czech
  • Hellenic Institute of Metrology EIM, Greece
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing – Primary Electromagnetic Laboratory FER-PEL, Croatia
  • Glowny Urzad Miar GUM, Poland
  • Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina IMBiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Institutul National De Metrologie INM-RO, Romania
  • Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica INRiM, Italy
  • Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial INTA, Španija
  • Instituto Português da Qualidade IPQ, Portugal
  • Justervesenet JV, Norvey
  • Electrical Engineering Official Central Laboratory LCOE, Spain
  • Left Right, razvoj naprednih rešitev LeftRight, Slovenia
  • Sieć Badawcza ŁUKASIEWICZ – Instytut Tele- i Radiotechniczny L-ITR, Poland
  • Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais LNE, France
  • Federal Institute of Metrology METAS, Switzerland
  • METROSERT, Estonia
  • National Physical Laboratory NPL, Great Britany
  • National Metrology Laboratory NSAI, Ireland
  • Omicron electronics GmbH OMICRON, Austria
  • Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB, Germany
  • Swedish Research Creating Sustainable Growth RISE, Sweden
  • DG Quality and Safety, Metrology Division SMD, Belgium
  • Slovak Institute of Metrology SMU, Slovakia
  • Statnett, Norway
  • Trescal, Denmark
  • Turkiye Bilimsel Ve Teknolojik Arastirma Kurumu TUBITAK, Turkey
  • The Dutch National Metrology Institute VSL, Netherlands
  • Centre for Metrology, VTT MIKES, Finland
  • etc.

We are also involved in European Metrology Network (EMN) for Smart Electricity Girds which is a single point of contact across Europe that provides stakeholder support for measurement challenges in the realisation of smart electricity grids. The EMN for Smart Electricity Grids provides support for standardisation, testing, and the research and development of national smart grid development and implementation strategies. By promoting a reliable and robust measurement infrastructure, the EMN for Smart Electricity grids is helping Europe to meet its sustainability and climate change goals, and support the energy systems of the future.

Technical Committees

As a holder of national standards, we participate in Technical Committee for Electricity and Magnetism (TC-EM) and in Technical Committee for Time and Frequency (TC-TF):

  • TC-EM: Subcommittee Low Frequency (SCLF): The subcommittee discus technical issues related to electrical metrology since those topics are important to support industry and researchers and supports TC-EM by providing information concerning its technical field. The Subcommittee covers the following topics:
    • AC/DC transfer
    • AC voltage and current, waveform metrology
    • impedance (R, L, C)
    • electric and magnetic fields (low-frequency)
    • measurement on materials (low-frequency)
  • TC-EM: Subcommittee Power and Energy: The subcommittee covers the following topics:
    • power and energy (excluding RF&MW topics)
    • high-voltage and current transducers, instrument transformers
    • magnetic measurements
  • TC-EM: Subcommittee Radiofrequency and Microwave: The subcommittee covers the following topics:
    • radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) metrology
    • time-domain and frequency-domain measurements
    • electromagnetic fields
    • electromagnetic compatibility
    • THz metrology
  • Technical Committee for Time and Frequency: The Technical Committee for Time and Frequency (TC-TF) discus technical issues which are important to industry and research in this field. The main topics addressed in projects and discussions by the TC-TF cover:
    • frequency standards
    • time scales
    • time and frequency comparison
    • time dissemination
    • measurement systems for time&frequency metrology
    • space applications of time&frequency metrology

Knowledge Transfer and Industrial Projects

One of the basic tasks of the metrology institute is also to transfer specific metrology knowledge, skills, broader knowledge in the field of measurement technology, laboratory work and metrology. Therefore:

  • we organise different seminars and trainings in the fields of control of measuring equipment, preparation for accreditation, measuring and calibration procedures, measurement uncertainty, etc.
  • we cooperate with laboratories in the reorganization of their laboratories, preparation of calibration procedures, implementation of internal audits
  • we deal with more complex projects and the search for comprehensive solutions in the field of measuring technology, technical control,
  • we are giving advice for purchasing new measurement equipment
  • developing new measuring procedures, principles, measuring instruments and standards

Examples of our implemented projects in collaboration with the industry:

  • preparation of Metrel d.d. metrology department for accreditation
  • preparation of Elektro-Slovenija (ELES) d.o.o. metrology department laboratory for accreditation
  • clock signal synchronization for telecommunication network and providing a remote reference time-base standard backup for ELES d.o.o. company
  • preparation ELEKTROSERVISI d.d. metrology department for accreditation
  • assistance in procedures preparation to obtain accreditation for verifications of taximeters (AMZS d.d. – PE Ljubljana)

Internal research projects

In addition to European research projects and Industrial Projects listed above we continuously research and developed different measurement procedures and equipment within the scope of internal SIQ’s projects since these services are increasingly required by our customers. In addition to continuous improving of existing methods by reducing the measurement uncertainty, new measurement methods are constantly developed which allows accredited calibration of new measurement quantities. Consequently, we provide one of the wides scopes of accredited calibration, which nowadays includes different quantities, not only quantities related to electricity and time&frequency.