Calibration and Inspection


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The main activity of the laboratory is the performing the calibrations in the field of electrical quantities and time and frequency, where we are also the holder of the national standard within the Slovenian metrological system. We provide traceable accredited and non-accredited calibrations of measuring equipment for our customers. Currently, approximately 90% of our calibrations are performed accredited.

In addition to electrical quantities and time and frequency, we also cover some other fields (mass, pressure, temperature, etc.). In this way, we can offer our customers a more comprehensive coverage of their needs all in one place.

Calibration of the measuring instrument:
Calibration is a set of operations which, under certain conditions, establish a relationship between the values indicated by a measure or measuring system with the values represented by a tangible measure or reference material and the corresponding values realized by standards.

Adjusting the measuring instrument:
Adjustment is a procedure by which a measuring instrument is prepared for operation appropriate to its use.