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To provide complete services for our customers we also obtained accreditation in other metrology fields namely for mechanical and chemical quantities (e.g., pressure, mass, force, deceleration, length, exhaust gas control) in addition to electrical quantities and time&frequency which are our primary fields.

The first group of instruments in the field of other quantities are scales, which we daily encountering daily in shops, post offices or elsewhere. The scales have to be calibrated to ensure that displayed mass is correct, so in turn we can trust the result. Similarly, we cannot imagine our daily lives without cars and motorcycles that we use daily to arrive to work, visit friends, or for our other activities. By using vehicles, individual components degrade or even damage, therefore it is necessary to periodically perform technical inspections for their reliable operation. Individual parts are checked as well as overall operation, since only a technically faultless vehicle can improve safety of all participants. In addition to the inspection of lights, braking systems and other key components, the technical inspections also check the brightness of the luminaires, the speed of the motorcycles, noise level of exhaust systems and the braking force. The pressure in tires is also checked; this is not only important from the safety point of view, but correct pressure in the tires also reduces the wear. This consequently reduces fuel consumption which in turn contributes to cleaner environment. Technical inspections are using prescribed procedures and measuring instruments which can be calibrated at SIQ’s metrology laboratory. We calibrate pressure gauges, pressure sensors and pressure generators, tire pressure gauges, force meters, deceleration gauges, regloscopes (test devices for checking the setting of car lights), roller tracks, as well as gasoline and diesel exhaust gauges, which are also part of legal metrology.

Calibration of test equipment at SIQ


We calibrate scales up to 280 kg of accuracy class III and IV.

Pressure gauges

Calibration can be performed in the range from -700 mbar to +15 bar. The devices we calibrate include pressure gauges, pressure sensors and pressure generators, and tire pressure gauges. In addition to calibration, we also inspect tire pressure gauges in accordance with the regulations (legal metrology).

Force gauges

The force meters are calibrated up to 400 N using standard weights.

Exhaust gas meters, transparency meters

Exhaust gas meters are used in technical inspections to measure the purity of car exhausts. The compliance of operation is checked in accordance with the regulations using various reference gas mixtures. The meters are identified first, then the pre-use tests are performed, and afterwards the response time, sealing, residual carbon dioxide in the meter, and low-gas-flow signalling are inspected. Additionally, SIQ provides the calibration of automotive glass transparency meters using comparison method with calibrated reference filters (measuring parameter is opacity coefficient).

Deceleration meters

The deceleration of deceleration meters is calibrated up to 9.81 m/s2 and the force on the brake pedal up to 200 N. The force transducer is calibrated together with the deceleration meter, as this is the only way for valid calibration.

Roller tracks

Roller tracks are used to check the speed of vehicles at roadworthiness tests. Track calibration includes measurement of cylinder and wheel circumference (wheel radius up to 150 mm), speed measurement, and constants k and w. Calibration is performed on the field, so the roller track is closed during this time. The rotation speed is simulated with a reference signal generator, and the circumference of the cylinder is inspected using speedometer and the corresponding measuring wheel.


A typical regloscope calibration parameter (i.e., test devices for car headlights) is an inclination angle of up to 4%. The compliance of operation is inspected with a laser beam.

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