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What is EMAS?

The objective of the EMAS Scheme (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is to evaluate, report these results to the public and to improve environmental performance of organizations. Openness, truthfulness and periodic reporting of verified environmental data are key factors distinguishing EMAS Scheme from ISO 14001. Environmental statement is the main management tool for organizations to report results of continuous improvement of their environmental performance to the public, and their opportunity to promote their image to customers, suppliers, neighbors, contractors and employees. Organizations can also publish verified excerpts from their environmental statements, if they wish to inform selected interested parties of their environmental results. The requirements for the establishment, verification, and validation of the environmental management system according to the EMAS Scheme are set out in Regulation ES 1221/2009.

What are the requirements of EMAS? Initial environmental review providing the initial state for the measurement of environmental progress in line with Annex I to the Regulation. Established environmental management system according to ISO 14001, compliance with regulatory requirements, continuous improvement, communication with the public, and employee involvement in line with Annex II of the Regulation. Fully planned and implemented internal audits in line with Annex III of the Regulation, or concluded prior to the verification procedures in the areas with the most important environmental impacts. Environmental statement drawn up for the public in line with Annex IV of the Regulation.

Registration procedure

The verification procedure includes:

  • documentation review
  • certification audit
  • validation of the environmental statement and verified information after a successful conclusion of a certification audit.

Verification procedure

The EMAS registration procedure is a two-stage process. Firstly, an accredited environmental verifier examines the compliance with EMAS requirements and validates the environmental statement. Secondly, they submit the verified environmental statement to an authorized body – The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning that confirms if the organization fulfils criteria for registration and afterwards records the organization in the EMAS register.

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