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Quality for the Future of Education (QE)

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The requirements and guidelines of the QE model are based on contemporary internationally recognized and established quality management standards and models, such as are international standards of the ISO 9000 series and the EFQM Excellence Model. One of the principal requirements of the QE model bearing great significance is the requirement to comply with the current legislation.

The requirements of the QE model encourage educational institutions to apply a systematic approach to the development of activities and processes enhancing the satisfaction of all participants in educational processes.

The model emphasizes the importance of: Understanding and meeting the requirements and expectations of all participants in educational processes; Collecting and evaluating performance results and efficiency of educational institutions; Continual improvement based on objective measurement and monitoring of operations.

The approach includes the PDCA methodology: Plan-Do-Check-Act. This methodology can be described in the following way:

  • Plan: establish the objectives and processes (activities) necessary to deliver results;
  • Do: implement the new processes (activities);
  • Check: monitor and measure the processes (activities) and results against the established objectives and report on them.
  • Act: act as to achieve the set objectives and improve the processes (activities).

This approach enables the integration of this model and other systems or models into a uniform management system.