Asset Management


With assets that are managed in an optimal and sustainable manner, the organization is able to reach expectations of customers, while finding the balance between risks, effectiveness and expenses in its entire cycle. ISO 55000 is a family of standards covering management of assets of any kind. These standards can be easily integrated with most of other management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc.).

Many organizations decide to establish the system, with the goal of managing their assets in value-based manner. Assets are tangible (equipment, machines, real estate etc.) and intangible (license, intellectual property, reputation of the organization etc.).

While managing assets, organizations are following variety of goals, such as:

Goals: coordination of procedures, resources and individual functions; higher transparency and tracebility; better understanding and usage of data and information; better planning; assets telated risk management; employees' eompetence development and their higher engagement; better communication and interdisciplinary team work.