Quality System in Non-Governmental Organizations

In 2007 a group of quality experts and representatives of non-governmental organizations developed a quality model for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The model is based on the ISO 9001 standard and some foreign systems designed exclusively for NGOs. On the one hand it corresponds to the specific needs of NGOs and on the other hand it encourages NGOs to develop processes necessary for their transparent and efficient operations, financial liability and relations with their stakeholders.

The fundamental objective or the purpose of NGOs is not to make profit (although it is not prohibited) but to satisfy the needs and expectations of their users or stakeholders at large.

The requirements of document NGO Quality Standard: To establish a quality management system in a systematic way; To increase the efficiency and transparency of operations and to put emphasis on sustainable development; To conduct self-assessment; To demonstrate the quality of own operations to interested stakeholders; To apply for a certificate and a mark of quality.