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Cybersecurity - Are Your Digital Assets Vulnerable to Cyber Attack?

The world of cyber-security is always evolving, attackers never rest and in today’s world of e-commerce, personal data breaches, intellectual data theft and ransomware attacks are increasingly common. Some of the most common attacks are phishing attacks, denial of service, ransomware and attacks related to web applications, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and authorization flaws.

Responsible organizations invest heavily in protecting their digital assets as data security is of key importance for the long-term success of an organization, but all too often they simply take the security of their assets for granted.

What can a person and a company do to protect itself? Find out in our latest video about Cybersecurity.

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SIQ Training

How do you succeed in the complex modern and highly-regulated business world? How do you meet all the requirements of a business environment necessitating a rational and clearly structured, yet resilient and responsive, internal structure for the creation and opening up of new opportunities?

How do you combine the seemingly incompatible? The answer lies in the knowledge and skills required for the job, and in the development of competence. The continual education of employees is the added value that keeps a company in good shape in the long run. SIQ training programmes enable organisations to keep in touch with the latest requirements and expectations of the modern market, while also promoting innovation and opening new horizons.

Theoretical findings, along with Slovene and international case studies, presented in an interesting and illustrative manner by recognised lecturers, are just some of the reasons for our constantly expanding list of satisfied business partners.

Find out more in this episode about SIQ Training.

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Online Gaming – testing, certification and inspection

Different countries take different approaches to making internet gambling safe. Even EU member states have many different regulations and some even prohibit online gambling altogether. Those that do allow it may match online players to their tax or healthcare identities, which are verified during the player registration process. Even if online gambling is legal, software and games must still meet the regulatory criteria to reduce the potential harm to online players. Operators of betting and casino platforms or games are monitored by national authorities that verify if their platforms, servers and operations are safe and fair. How do they do that, to keep everything correct?

SIQ makes sure that internet casinos meet the technical requirements of individual regulations. Players can therefore be sure that the game is fair, transparent and not misleading.

Find out more in this episode about testing, certification and inspection of online gaming technologies.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Most devices we use have some sort of an electrical component and different parts must coexist without affecting each other’s operation. And that is where EMC comes in. It stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. Electronic parts must meet EMC requirements for immunity so that the product components are protected from the environment and in accordance with EMC emissions to ensure that your product is not intentionally radiating into the environment.

But how exactly does it work?

What does the testing look like?

Find out more in our latest video.

More information about EMC testing at SIQ is available HERE.

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What is TIME?

There are things around the world that can help us define time as we know it. They perform in a way that is constant, helping us define seconds, minutes, hours, even years and millenniums.

Did you know, that SIQ is a holder of national measurement standards of electric quantities and of time and frequency?

Find out more about TIME in this episode.

What does CE mean?

You can find the CE marking on almost every device that you own. But what does it actually mean?

The CE on the product tells the market surveillance authorities and end-users that the product meets the essential requirements of the relevant EU directives. The CE marking is also visible proof that the manufacturer assumes liability for the conformity of the product.

After completing the conformity assessment procedure and preparing technical documentation as proof of conformity of the product, the manufacturer or their authorised representative established within the European Union is required to write an EC Declaration of Conformity. In certain cases (high-level safety risk products), the conformity assessment procedure (EC type test) must be performed by a third, independent party (notified body). The EC Declaration of Conformity is the last step the manufacturer or their authorised representative must take before the product obtains the CE marking and is placed on the market.

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SIQ laboratories – product testing

“This is the SIQ headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In these super-labs, products are fully tested in order to meet the requirements for each country’s regulations and to be perfectly safe for the consumers to use.”

SIQ conducts a wide range of various testing and has 5 different branches of laboratories for; Safety and Electromagnetics; Metrology; Explosion protection; Gaming Technologies and Information Technologies.

In this video, you can find out more about product testing.

For more on product testing and certification, please visit our Safety and Electromagnetics website.

Testing lights

Have you ever wondered how the lights are tested, to assure sustainability and reliability?

One of the fields SIQ focuses on is the issue of car and traffic lights, which helps minimize accidents in the transport industry.

In this video, we shine a little light on the process of how car lights are tested.